(A)Rise (A)wake and Stop not … Till we convert our Jupiter notebook into a Slide — RISE Plugin

A nice way to introduce my concept of converting Jupyter Notebooks into Slideshow


The art of fluid — Storytelling

Jupyter notebooks and fluidity

Notebooks are made of three essential building blocks to convey analysis through calculations.Code + Markdown + Heading (We seldom use)

Code — We use this Cell type to perform complex calcuations, load data frames, flame up the Python/R engine to power up your story — Bottomline, What you enter gets executed here.

Markdown — We use this Cell type to express a short summary of our code.

RISE and the New Dimension of Jupyter Notebook

Welcome to the world of RISE — Reveal.js — Jupyter/IPython Slideshow Extension

RISE is an amazing Jupyter Notebook extension released and maintained by Damianavila here

Enable it! — All we have to do is to do a clean install of RISE plugin using one of two ways namely, a) Conda Install — Clean way b) PIP install less preferred (Please refer to the installation here)

Once installed, our beautiful Slideshow enabler shows up in our Jupyter notebooks under View -> Cell Toolbar -> Slideshow. Along with it, we have a cool RISE plugin like graph icon that pops up in our toolbar.

Convert it — Given we have our RISE plugin enabled, we can convert each cell into a slide. A slide itself has multiple dimensions to it. If our Visualization or chart needs to be an independent Slide, select Slide Type as “Slide.” If our little message needs to be a supportive text to our slide, choose Slide Type as Fragment. If you want to totally “hide” a cell from being shown, select the type as “Skip.” There is another means to stack slides called “Sub slides.”

Fire up RISE Slides

Launch it!. Given we have successfully converted our notebook as a “Slide show” its time to show it off. We can fire our Notebook slideshow using a little Icon like “Bar Graph” that shows up on our Notebook toolbar. Clicking this RISE slideshow button launches our live notebook as a Slide show. The power of dynamic data cells combined with “Slides” is an unstoppable way of conveying our ideas to all audiences.


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